About Me

Hi readers !!!

My name is Sandeep Anand. I am a Mechanical Engineer with more than Ten years of work experience in the field of Welding and NDT.

I started my career in Sept’ 2007 as an Inspection Engineer and have rendered my services to many industries such as power plants, pipelines, cement plants, refineries and petrochemicals.

I have always found quotes as a source of motivation and inspiration. This website is a collection of quotes which could energize and refresh your soul. I have tried to organize those powerful quotes in a systematic and presentable manner, so that everyone would love to read and implement in their life. It is very useful to students, working professionals and entrepreneurs.

My educational qualifications are:

    • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Mechanical) from VTU, Bangalore

    • ASNT NDT Level II (VT,UT,PT,RT,MT) from TTC affiliated to ASNT

    • Advanced Welding Technology from FTI (Government of India)

Thank you

Sandeep Anand